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Welcome to Grenada !

Pure Grenada the Isle of Spice - a wonderful small holiday island - short and very sweet a perfect example of a classic tropical island. 45 wonderful beaches with swaying palm trees, a shimmering blue ocean full of interesting features - wrecks and reefs - and a mountainous, lush green countryside. This island has so much to offer all its visitors - so much for you to enjoy. Grenada is part of the British Commonwealth and many people will have heard of this delightful Caribbean island but, due to the resistance to over development and invasive tourism, it is still a very quiet, relaxed island. No hotel on the island can exceed the second floor - or the height of the palm trees. There are no large resorts or high rise hotels no theme parks, no fun fairs. The historical sites and scenic nature spots are never crowded. The underwater world is spectacular - a special thrill for all divers and snorkellers. 
Pure Grenada - a pure joy.

                                    On Grenada you can enjoy yourself no fuss, no hassle - at your own pace.
                                              The historical sites and scenic nature spots are never crowded. 
                                    The underwater world is spectacular - a thrill for all divers and snorkellers.
                          Pure enjoyment on Pure Grenada - lots to see and do - never a dull moment on Grenada.


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Although well known Grenada, the island is very quiet no mass tourism - no fun fairs no themes parks. Visitors can enjoy modern accommodation and facilities but in that typically relaxed, friendly Caribbean way - no fuss no rush - at your own pace. Visitors will enjoy the fantastic beaches, the rain forest, the ocean with spectacular diving and snorkelling. The local people are always ready to welcome you with a broad smile. The island's easy rhythm and friendly people creates a special atmosphere that has disappeared in the bigger tourist destinations around the world.  Being able to completely relax and "do as you please" makes this a real holiday !

Grenada is a breath of fresh air a new and exciting holiday experience.

The "Pure Grenada" motto reflects the importance the island places on its natural world and commercial development is strictly controlled. Grenada is called the "The Spice Island" this small island is bathed in the soft fragrance of tropical spices. The capital, St. George's, is considered to be the loveliest city in the Caribbean. 

Perfect Weather !

As a tropical island the weather does not vary a great deal so anytime of year is a good time to go. Warm and sunny, with a cooling breeze that keeps you fresh and comfortable - all year round. Whatever kind of holiday you prefer, you can do it in comfort and enjoy it to the full. Grenada does have a rainy season July to December brief, tropical showers then warm and sunny again.

Grenada has an exciting geography its mountainous interior is an extinct volcano covered by a dense rain forest with beautiful waterfalls, mountain lakes and hot springs. There are several old forts around the island - evidence of a fascinating history. Grenada has many award winning gardens with some of the most colourful plants and flowers on our planet. There are 45 breaches on this idyllic island some of the best in the world. Relax on the beaches and enjoy the water sports. Explore the dense rain forest covering the long-extinct volcano at the heart of the island. Visit the historic forts, lakes, waterfalls, spice estates etc. Experience the spectacular diving and snorkelling.
Grenada has lots of restaurants, bars and clubs with live music and dancing, lots of fun. But Grenada nightlife is not as intense as some Caribbean islands - and better because of that. Easy and relaxed - you can enjoy the nightlife to the full - as a guest and not a tourist.

The Ocean

The underwater scenery in Grenada is every bit as breathtaking as it is on land. The Caribbean is famous for its diversity and abundance of marine life and the Atlantic coast is home to larger, ocean roaming creatures. The scuba diving and snorkelling on Grenada are rated to be some of the best in the world, with over 50 sites, 15 wrecks, including the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean, fantastic reefs and Grenada's unique Underwater Sculpture Park. Click the diving page for lots more information about the diving and the services we can offer you.

We often mention the exceptionally friendly and helpful attitude of the islanders. It was very noticeable to us. Often welcomed loudly in the street and often offered help the entire atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. Crime is at a low level on Grenada and islanders are very protective of their guests.
The only person that came across that was a little intimidating was a policewoman but I found that reassuring !

Somewhere Different

We are a Caribbean holiday specialist. We are regular visitors and love talking about the islands. We would be delighted to discuss any plans you have for a holiday to this very special part of the world. We can answer any questions from personal experience.  Our local knowledge and extensive choice means that we can advise and tailor make the holiday itinerary that suits you best to your requirements and wishes. We have a wide choice of accommodation and services in the Caribbean. We are the preferred tour operator for many resorts and have the best prices and offers. Quotes for holidays are given with no obligation.
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